How we work

Producing Job Application Materials

To produce winning resume's, cover letters, and responses to selection criteria, our aim is to get to know you, canvass your unique strengths, and ensure that the material we prepare for you provides the best possible picture of who you are. We begin the process with a consultation of up to 60 minutes duration, during which time we rationalise the content of your existing material and gain further content through your responses to our targeted questions.
We use email and/or telephone correspondence subsequent to the initial consultation for content clarification purposes. A second visit to our offices for you to review the final drafts is ideal but not mandatory. Where a second visit would be a significant inconvenience for you, we complete the drafting process via email, and if you require hard copies, we post these to your nominated postal address.



Interview Coaching and Career Development Guidance

These services are provided on an individual basis at our offices. Typically interview coaching is provided in two 30 minute sessions which include a role play interview. In this way we make you feel more comfortable with the interview process and how to prepare effectively.
Career development guidance is also carried out on a one-on-one basis and may include the use of some assessment tools relating to work preferences and styles. Discovering where your specific career interests lay and your preferred working environment will ensure that you apply for positions which further your career.