Products & Services


We pay attention to style, grammar and syntax thus providing a varied layout and focus to reflect particular occupations. Our résumé preparation service involves an initial half hour interview during which one of our consultants identifies the ways in which you can be distinguished from other candidates, so that a winning resume can be developed for you.

Cover Letters

Much like a brief pointer advertisement, the cover letter is the document that we use to draw attention to your resume. A uniquely expressive cover letter will gain the full attention of the potential employer and result in a closer subsequent reading of your resume, rather than a 'skim reading'.


Selection Criteria

For candidates who are required to respond to selection criteria as part of the selection process for a position they seek, our staff can develop responses guaranteed to improve the candidate's chances of securing an interview.



We create professional profiles for business executives or candidates seeking a summary snapshot of their career achievements. Candidates who are unlikely to participate in screening processes tend to require a professional profile rather than a resume.


Career Development

We can help you assess your current level of skill and experience, your career interests and help you target particular employers and/or job families. Using various assessment tools, analysing your preferred work environment and style we can help focus on what will provide you with the most job satisfaction, rewards, and maximise your potential.


Interview Coaching

Let us make sure that you present yourself, your skills and experience to meet or exceed the requirements of an employer. We provide coaching for confidence and professionalism when engaging with more than one interviewer or a panel. We will brief you on the expectations of interviewers and any other activities you might be required to undertake. We will help you become familiar with interview methodologies including behavioural event interviewing.