About us

Since 1988, Resume Writers has provided services to clients who want nothing less than the most logical and professional resume to represent them in the job market. Our consultants possess extensive experience in resume preparation, always guaranteeing the best in attention to detail and style. Resume Writers provide services to people of all ages and all levels of employment from entry level candidates to senior management personnel.
We improve our clients' potential for employment through developing resume's that are expressive and that offer employers a concise picture of who they are. Generally recognised in the market as a leader in resume preparation, our services will elevate the candidate to the top of the shortlist.
Why waste your time writing and rewriting your own resume when an experienced professional, who understands the true nature of an effective resume, can provide you with quality assured content and layout.
We are specialists in tailoring language, graphics and design to suit all industries, including:
* Government
* Banking
* Insurance
* IT
* Hospitality
* Advertising
* Legal
* Corporate
* Education
* Accounting
* Construction
* Defence
* Medical


and many more..